Our Goal

Providing preventative and primary care for in-need cats and dogs of the Berkshires.

Berkshire Humane Society leased the former Allen Heights Veterinary Hospital and opened a wellness clinic in March of 2023. Later that year we bought the building, saving money each month while building equity.  This maximizes our donors’ dollars while providing a great community service for cat and dog lovers in the Berkshires and beyond!

Meet Our Veterinarians

Dr. Dinah Russell

Dr. Dinah Russell has been at the Wellness Clinic since October 2023.  A native of New York City, she spent many summers in the Berkshires and got married in Lenox.  She’s practiced in Brooklyn, NY; Camden, NJ and Bar Harbor, ME and what Dr. Russell finds most intriguing and rewarding is working with people who need financial help in caring for their pet. “Not everyone can afford it,” she said of the highest levels of pet care.  “I work together with people and come up with treatment plans they’re comfortable with.”  So far, she’s been able to do that at the Wellness Clinic, “It’s pretty rewarding to be here where I can help people,” she said.

Drs. Russell and Brady, along with contract veterinarians Drs. Yoanna Maitre, Allison Coates and Andrea Rusilowicz are offering, expanded services including urgent care, ultrasound imaging, low-cost spay and neuter surgeries for dogs, similar to the program already in place for cats.  Dental work for dogs and cats may also be in store!

Dr. Melissa Brady

Dr. Melissa Brady is glad to be back in the Berkshires with her family.  A native of Dalton, Dr. Brady is excited for the opportunity to be one of Berkshire Humane Society’s shelter veterinarians.  “Homeless pets are definitely my passion,” she said.  “It’s nice to have the capacity to treat animals that don’t have access to care.  It’s a good feeling.”  Dr. Brady is looking forward to providing timely, regular veterinary care to shelter animals.

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